August 16, 2000 TedNolanFoundation

The Beginning

In 1981, my mother, Rose, was tragically killed in an accident. I knew then that one day I would pay tribute and honor my mother’s memory.

With the help of my friends, Les Couchie of the Union of Ontario Indians, Ella-Jean-Richer of Bell Canada and Gino Cavallo of the Soo Greyhounds, we developed the Ted Nolan Golf Tournament, which took place in Northern Ontario in the late 1990’s. A partnership was created with the Union of Ontario Indians and The Ted Nolan Golf Tournament became an annual event focused on raising monies for the Rose Nolan Scholarship Fund.

After taking one year off, I received a call from Mr. Ray Martin who at that time was the head of the Southern First Nation Secretariat and expressed his interest in forming a partnership. The Ted Nolan Golf tournament, under this partnership, was taken to Southern Ontario.

Having never met Ray before I quickly learned how committed and passionate he was in helping our people. Under his leadership and guidance plus his entire staff at the Southern First Nation Secretariat I’m honour to say the Ted Nolan Golf Tournament was one of the premiere events in First Nation country for years.

Not only did the golf tournament become more successful, but Ray had bigger plans and was instrumental in helping start the Ted Nolan Foundation. Dennis Martel who was employed by the Southern First Nation Secretariat became our principal writer and after many long hours he soon drafted our proposal to register for a charitable status.

As mentioned on a famous radio show “now you know the rest of the story” it was through Ray Martin’s insight and guidance, financial support of the Southern First Nation Secretariat and with the help of many friends that we are here today.

In 2008, we lost not only a great supporter but more importantly a Great Friend with the passing of Ray. His legacy will continue with the passion and commitment he originally brought to the Ted Nolan Foundation.


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