October 6, 2014 TedNolanFoundation

Thank You Katie, Angee, Judie and Savannah

The Ted Nolan Foundation and Tim Horton Children’s Foundation recently held their 5th leadership camp and will be forever grateful to our support team. Katie Joseph, from Bonar Law Memorial School in Rexton, New Brunswick has been a wonderful support right from the beginning. Her professionalism and dedication has always been outstanding.

Angee Acquin and Judie Acquin-Miksovsky from St. Mary’s First Nation in Fredericton, NB have also been committed to the camp since Tim Horton Children’s Foundation announced a second camp would be held in Atlantic Canada. Their devotion, energy and caring spirit was very much appreciated by all.

Also, we would like to thank Savannah Simon who was able to attend camp for the past two years and students looked forward to her support and presence.

From all of us at the Ted Nolan Foundation we thank you for making a difference!


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