October 29, 2013 TedNolanFoundation

Onondaga Farms You’re The Best

Onondaga Farms, You’re the Best!

The Ted Nolan Foundation would like to thank Tim Horton Children’s Foundation and their sta ff for a great 5th year camp.

Your hospitality, welcoming spirit, sharing of knowledge has given our youth a lifetime of wonderful special memories that they will cherish!

Thank you Barb Weeden, Tammy Wilks and Mark Johnson for all your hard work and commitment to making our fifth camp a very special one.

From the moment our students were picked up they were greeted and treated with such love and respect by their camp leaders and bus drivers.

They were especially grateful for the delicious food that was prepared daily by the kitchen sta ff. A special thank you goes out to Kevin Lindner who put a big smile on all our fifth year students as he was the original camp director fi ve years ago.

A heartfelt appreciation to Vice-President, Dave Newnham and the great team at Onondaga Farms for a fabulous five years!


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