August 17, 2011 TedNolanFoundation

Meet Vicki Sahanatien – 2011 Winner

Vicki Sahanatien 2011 Rose Nolan Scholarship Winner is a proud member of Wahta First Nation located in the rural territory of central/northern Ontario. Currently working on a PHD in Biological Science at the University of Alberta and will graduate in 2012.

Vicki is in her final year of data analysis and thesis writing and her research is on polar bear ecology and is integrating biological, physical and social sciences.

She studies polar bears using GPS satellite telemetry to collect polar bear movement information and is testing new types of satellite imagery to understand sea ice habitat.

She has been a pioneer in pursuing post-secondary education and was the first in her family and her First Nation to attend university and to pursue post secondary training in science. In 1981, she completed her BSC at the University of Guelph, and in 1992 her MES at York University.

Upon graduation she plans to continue working in the ecology { natural resource management environmental field and hopes to establish her own consulting company.

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