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Meet Suzanne Blaney – 2010 Winner

Suzanne Blaney 2010 Rose Nolan Scholarship Winner is from Sliammon Nation located on the sunshine coast of British Columbia. She is entering her third year at the Vancouver Island University majoring in First Nation Studies.

Suzanne believes continuing her education and keeping the Native culture alive is a great way to honour our elders.

As a child, she was taught to respect and learn from our elders. Because of this, she has, at a young age, learned and appreciated her cultural heritage. She learned the art of cedar root weaving at the age of seven, and has been able to teach this art to her family and community. During her second year of University, Suzanne’s grandmother passed away; a woman, whom she was extremely close to and had great respect for.

Through this hardship, Suzanne was even more so determined and inspired to finish her education since her grandmother was extremely proud of Suzanne pursuing her education. Though she is living away from home, she continues to be part of her home community and culture any way she can by attending drumming and singing events, completing art projects,
and passing on the Native teachings.

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