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Meet Shelby Caplin – 2014 Winner

Shelby Caplin is Mi’kmaq from the Gesgapegiag First Nation near the Gaspe Coast in Quebec. Shelby is a mother of a young daughter and credits her parents for helping support her and her child. She is expecting again December 2014.

In 2007 Shelby began her education at the University of New Brunswick in the Bridging year program. She later applied and began the First Nation Business Administration Certificate (FNBAC). In 2009 she started supply teaching at the Wejgwapniag School in her community and soon realized that this was what she wanted to do.

Shelby was able to transfer to the First Nations Teachers Education Program (FNTEP) from the FNBAC. She also started taking Education courses. During this time she also started working full time under the Gesgapegiag Health and Community Services.

Shelby believes that as a First Nation’s teacher she will have a stronger connection to First Nations students with respect to their needs, and as a role model. Shelby feels that is important to help educate First Nation Children and they will be leaders of future native communities.

Congratulations Shelby for being a 2014 Rose Nolan Scholarship winner.

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