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Meet Nicole Iaci – 2013 Winner

2013 Rose Nolan Scholarship Winner Nicole Iaci is a member of Kwantlen First Nation in British Columbia. She is currently enrolled in her rst year at the University of British Columbia where she will be earning a Juris Doctor degree.

Nicole comes from a small family of her father and two sisters and lost her mother at an early age of fi ve years old. She grew up apart from her community as her mother was raised in foster care o ff of the reserve, but once she grew older she immediately reached out to her community.

At the age of twenty years old she embraced her education and wanted to give back to her community and promote awareness of Indigenous people, culture, and traditions to her fellow peers. She was the Student Senator and Director at Large for the University of Victoria Students’ Society to represent Indigenous students and let their voices by heard.

Nicole also volunteered for the Native Students Union year round. Some of her proudest moments were being elected by the undergraduate student body to the UVic Senate and University of Victoria Students’ Society’s Board of Directors, as well as being accepted into law school.

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