August 13, 2012 TedNolanFoundation

Meet Miranda Mitchell – 2012 Winner

Miranda Mitchell 2012 Rose Nolan Scholarship Winner is a Mi’kmaq woman from Esgenoopetitj First Nation in New Brunswick. She is enrolled in the nursing program at the University of New Brunswick and recently just finished her first year.

Miranda applied in 2010 and was turned down so she opted to do a year in psychology to better her chances and was accepted the following year. Her major goal is to become a neonatal intensive care nurse and work closely with babies and their parents.

In 2009 Miranda delivered her son prematurely at 33 weeks and was stillborn so this is very dear to her heart. She is from a family of four brothers and is the first to graduate from high school.

Miranda sits on the board for Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Women and also is co-chair of the Mi’kmaq Maliseet Atlantic Youth Council since 2010.

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