September 7, 2013 TedNolanFoundation

Meet Kirstin Scansen – 2013 Winner

2013 Rose Nolan Scholarship Winner Kirstin Scansen is a member of Las La Ronge Indian Band in Saskatchewan. She is a graduate student in the Indigenous Governance program at the University of Victoria and will graduate in 2014.

To complete her Community Governance project, the fi nal portion of her degree, Kirstin choose the Lac La Ronge Indian Band as the location to work on a research-intensive study for the purpose of writing a critical history of relations between Nehithaw people and the Canadian state. She hopes that her research can create Indigenous-based critical curriculum that can be incorporated into La Ronge reservation schools.

Kirstin also help organized the Idle No More round dance and March in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, which was attended by over 500 people.


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