September 4, 2011 TedNolanFoundation

Meet Jennifer Brant – 2011 Winner

Jennifer Brant 2011 Rose Nolan Scholarship Winner is from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario. Currently she is a Doctoral student in the Joint PhD program at Brock University and also has completed a program in Policing and Justice at Niagara College, a BA in Sociology and just completed her M.Ed degree at Brock as well.

Jennifer is a single mother to two young boys but also has committed to sit on the Niagara Regional Native Centre along with the Aboriginal Education Council and was appointed to the Aboriginal Research Advisory Circle of the Research Ethics Board at Brock University.

Her Master’s thesis entitled, “Aboriginal Women in Education Honouring Our Experiences  A Vision of Access” to and Success within the University, focused on the barriers that Aboriginal women face in education. Her research resulted in the development of the new Aboriginal Women’s Certi cate Program that is currently being offered at Brock University.

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