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Meet Hannah St.Denis Katz – 2013 Winner

2013 Rose Nolan Scholarship winner Hannah St. Denis-Katz is a member of Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation in Saskatchewan. She is entering her second year in the Undergraduate Medical Program at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

Hannah has received many awards for her academic achievements, such as the Greystone Scholarship for students with the highest marks in the province, the Assembly of First Nations Heroes of Our Time Scholarship in the area of medicine, and the People’s Health Research Centre Summer Undergraduate Research Award.

This award focuses on Aboriginal health for the purposes of researching dementia among older Aboriginals. As well, Hannah helped develop a culturally sensitive tool to assess the memory of older Aboriginals in Northern communities. While in medical school, Hannah has volunteered in the outreach program at SWITCH, a student-run clinic that provides services to Saskatoon’s inner city and its largely Aboriginal population.

Once she graduates, Hannah would like to work as a surgeon in northern Canadian Aboriginal communities which are inadequately served.

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