August 7, 2010 TedNolanFoundation

Meet Alicia Sayers – 2010 Winner

Alicia Sayers 2010 Rose Nolan Scholarship Winner is entering her final year at Wilfred Laurier University with a double honour degree in Journalism and Contemporary Studies.

A proud member of the Garden River First Nation, Alicia has travelled across Canada to encourage youth to achieve their dreams. Alicia has been named the 2009-2010 Aboriginal Role Model which has allowed her to travel the country.

During her travels, she has engaged Aboriginal youth to achieve their dreams and live healthy lifestyles.

She is the President for the Aboriginal Students Association for her student body where she plans and hold events for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.

This summer, Alicia is travelling to Peru to aid in community development of indigenous communities (in particular dental hygiene, maternity wards, and daycare centres). Currently volunteering with Aboriginal communities (namely Aboriginal Youth), Alicia would like to, in the future, obtain a Masters in Communications.

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