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Meet Alicia Moulton – 2012 Winner

Alicia Moulton 2012 Rose Nolan Scholarship Winner is a member of Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick.

Entering her fourth year at St. Thomas University Alicia is enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology and Native Studies, and a minor in Sociology. Her long term goal is to become a Native Guidance Councillor/Resource worker preferably in the Junior High years.

In June 2009, Alicia completed a two year program at Compu College located in Fredericton and received a diploma for Child and Youth Care Worker. All of her placements were very ful lling but it was her last placement at Albert Middle School is what
pointed her into the direction of continuing her studies and furthering her education.

Alicia worked in a Grade 7 classroom with learning difficulties and behavioral problems and saw firsthand some of the troubles and frustrations the students and teachers faced every day.

When Alicia is at home in the summer she volunteers with other community members promoting an active lifestyle and athletics. She also was able to coach the girls Volleyball and Basketball.

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