September 7, 2012 TedNolanFoundation

Meet Alanna Jones – 2012 Winner

Alanna Jones 2012 Rose Nolan Scholarship Winner is a proud member of the Garden River First Nation in Ontario. She is one of ten siblings, second oldest and her parents always stressed the importance of education to them.

She is very proud to say that all have at least one post-secondary diploma and three have a combination of college, university and graduate degrees. Since 1991, Alanna has always dreamed of obtaining an MBA and in September 2009 she enrolled full time in the MBA in CED Program while working full-time and raising two children on her own.

She is employed as Trust Manager of Garden River First Nation Community Trust coordinating referendum votes for Garden River Band members to approve funding for projects. Since January 2010, Alanna has been training for her black belt in shotokan karate as she also believes in living a healthy physical lifestyle.

She volunteers in the annual Christmas Cheer and assists in fundraising for the Lil NHL hockey teams from her community.

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