August 12, 2010 TedNolanFoundation

Meet Abby Morning Bull – 2010 Winner

Abby Morning Bull 2010 Rose Nolan Scholarship Winner is a proud woman from the Piikani Nation; part of the Blackfoot Confederacy. Abby strives to break down barriers, and in doing so, in 2007, she was the only First Nations woman on a Katimavik program in Victoriaville, Quebec.

While on her journey with the Katimavik program, Abby discovered more of her spirituality, her future aspirations, and her passion for her home nation.

Having a passion for the media, Abby would like to use her voice as an educational tool towards her country and the world, to show others that we are moving forward as a Nation. In her second year at University of Lethbridge Abby is in the Bachelor of Arts program majoring in Native American Studies.

After graduating she would like to start her own broadcasting organization in hopes that those who feel forgotten have a voice”.

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